Love seafood AND our oceans! Get savvy about ocean-friendly seafood with help from SeaChoice.

The SeaChoice program wants to help Canadians enjoy the seafood they love while supporting sustainable fisheries and aquaculture practices. The reason is simple: If we don’t respect our ocean and freshwater ecosystems, we won’t have seafood or healthy oceans to enjoy in the future.

Scientists have estimated that if we keep fishing the same way we are today there will be no fish for commercial harvest by 2048! Change is needed on the water, and that change starts with what we’re putting on our plates. Fortunately, there are many tasty and sustainable options to choose from! Download your free copy of the guides and resources below.

Canada’s Sustainable Seafood Guide

Make ocean-friendly seafood choices for today and tomorrow with the SeaChoice Sustainable Seafood Guide. SeaChoice has revised this guide to make it easier for Canadians to find sustainable alternatives based on the seafood that is most popular and available in Canada. Since launching in 2006, SeaChoice has printed nearly one million seafood guides. Canadian consumers, chefs, fishers and businesses have used this guide as a helpful tool in making the best seafood choices.

Download your wallet guide in English, French, Chinese (simple or traditional) , or order your copy by emailing Also look for our free app by searching SeaChoice in the iPhone store.

Also be sure to check out David Suzuki’s Top 10 Sustainable Seafood Picks in English and in French, which follow SeaChoice recommendations.

Canada’s Sustainable Sushi Guide

Many Canadians love their sushi, but sadly many sushi restaurants still serve unsustainable species like Bluefin tuna and open net farmed salmon. Luckily SeaChoice rolled out the sustainable sushi guide so that Canadians can now enjoy the sushi they love without harming our oceans. We have even included the Japanese names so that nothing gets lost in translation! Download your copy of the SeaChoice Sustainable Sushi Guide today or look for our free app in the iPhone store by searching SeaChoice.

Searchable Database

If you can’t find your favourite seafood on our guide, dive deeper into our online database where you can find the sustainability rankings of most seafood found in Canada.  Search by most popular name, common name, or ranking colour.

Seafood Guide iPhone app

Canada’s Seafood Guide and Sushi Guide is now available for free download at the iTunes store.  Developed by Collabra, you can now use your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to help you make more sustainable choices when shopping for your seafood or dining out.  Search for SeaChoice in the App Store and don’t forget to give us feedback by rating our app!


Canada’s In-Depth Guide to Sustainable Seafood

Dive deeper with Canada’s In-Depth Guide to Sustainable Seafood! Learn more about what makes fisheries and aquaculture practices ocean-friendly so that you can make informed decisions when you choose to eat seafood. This guide offers an in-depth look at fishing gear types and aquaculture practices used with the seafood sold in Canada.

SeaChoice Business Guide for Ocean-friendly Seafood

Join companies across Canada in sourcing and supplying ocean-friendly seafood with the 2012 SeaChoice Buisness Guide. With helpful steps in building a sustainable seafood policy as well as solutions to many of the common questions that come up for businesses, this resource is a must-have for any company that deals with seafood. Download your free copy today and get inspired by some of the success stories from our SeaChoice partners that are demonstrating leadership in achieving their sustainable seafood goals.

Smart Seafood Choices

A great resource for the east coast of Canada! Learn more about Atlantic seafood choices, seasonality and sustainability.

Sustainable Seafood: An Educator’s Guide for Grades K-6

Bring healthy oceans and sustainable seafood into the classroom with the SeaChoice Educator’s Guide! Developed by Natascia Tamburello, this kit is packed with fun and ocean-friendly themes that are sure to help inspire any teacher’s lesson plans. Parents can also use this kit for ocean fun at home too!

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