Posted by Sarah Foster on Sep 26, 2016

Celebrating good, clean and fair fish with Slow Fish Canada


Small-scale gooseneck barnacles – Credit Lana Brandt

By Lana Brandt, SeaChoice

In British Columbia, we are fortunate to have many local ocean-friendly seafood delicacies. Small scale fishers and aquaculturists supply seafood lovers with local and delicious seafood year round. For the third consecutive year, SeaChoice supported the annual Slow Fish dinner to raise awareness and demand for some of B.C.’s local sustainable seafood treasures. Co-hosted with the Chefs’ Table Society of British Columbia and the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program, the Slow Fish dinner was another huge success this year!

In 2014, Slow Food Canada launched a Slow Fish campaign in an effort to celebrate good, clean and fair fish. Good seafood as in traceable, local and seasonal fish supplied by small-scale producers. Clean fish refers to sustainable harvesting practices as well as local processing efforts that reduce waste by using as much of the fish as possible. Fair seafood involves paying a fair price for the fish to ensure that local communities are supported as well as ensuring that human rights are respected.

This year’s producers and chefs included the following participants: 


‘Best Choice’ Farmed Mussels – Credit Lana Brandt

Our chefs

Lisa Ahier, SoBo

Ned Bell, Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program

Karen Barnaby, Albion Farms and Fisheries

Sean Cousins, The Vancouver Club

Meeru Dhalwala, Vij’s / Rangoli

Bruno Feldeisen, Semiahmoo Resort

Roger Ma, Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar

Thompson Tran, The Wooden Boat


ThisFish! supporting traceable seafood – Credit Lana Brandt

Our local delicacies


Gooseneck Barnacles

Humpback Shrimps

Ling Cod


Pink Salmon



On behalf of the SeaChoice team, we thank everyone for coming out to support local, fair and sustainable seafood!