(Credit: Lana Gunnlaugson)

Ultimately all fishery issues described in other sections can only be addressed through management. There is no single management solution as each fishery has its own suite of issues, problems, economic realities, social considerations, and legal structure. What is certain is that fisheries with no incentives to control the catch or protect the ecosystem will not persist into the future. In the North American context, strong management is associated with catch monitoring, science based transparent decisions, precautionary decision making, adequate funding, economic viability of the fleet, protection of vulnerable habitats and endangered species.

MANAGING the Unmanageable: Unknown Unknowns It is naïve to believe humans can fully understand marine ecosystems to the point where we can be certain we are managing it correctly. In this context, it is important that any credible management system acknowledges this reality through the use of precaution throughout the decision making and management structure. Precautionary management in light of widespread uncertainty can be achieved in many ways including the implementation of reserve areas, conservative catch limits, and implementation of management structures that clearly reduce the fishing effort on a given population of fish or habitat type.
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