Sablefish/Black Cod

  • From:
    U.S - AK
    Wild, bottom longline, pot

Sablefish can be found in deep water sandy bottom habitats throughout the North Pacific ranging as far west as Japan, north to the Bering Sea and south to central Baja California. Their centre of abundance is primarily the Gulf of Alaska extending into northern British Columbia. Most sablefish captured in Canada are caught year-round using traps (70 per cent) and longlines (30 per cent).

All sources of sablefish from the US and Canada are “Best Choices” or “Some Concerns.” Sablefish from Alaska and British Columbia have been certified as sustainable to the standard of the Marine Stewardship Council.

Full Assessment Report for Canada

Full Assessment Report forĀ Alaska

  • Sushi Name(s)Gindara
  • Common Name(s)Skilfish, Skil, Coalfish, Sable, Black cod, Gindara
  • Scientific Name(s)Anoplopoma fimbria