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    Farmed, on-bottom or off-bottom (suspension) techniques

Mussels are an ideal candidate for aquaculture. They reproduce quickly, have rapid growth rates, can settle and thrive at high densities. Mussels are also not as susceptible to parasites and disease organisms as oysters and other cultured bivalve species. Generally farmed shellfish have a beneficial impact on water quality in the areas they are raised.

Wild mussels are available in the market, but SeaChoice recommends farm raised mussels as a “Best Choice” due to habitat impact of dredging wild mussels.



  • Sushi Name(s)Muurugai
  • Common Name(s)Sea mussel, Blue mussel; Mediterranean mussel; Green mussel; New Zealand mussel
  • Scientific Name(s)Mytilus spp., Perna spp. (blue, black, brown, Asian green, Mediterranean, New Zealand)