Dungeness Crab

  • From:
    Canada, U.S. (CA, WA, AK)
    Wild, pot/trap

While Dungeness crab populations are believed to be stable, there is concern over high fishing effort and a lack of scientific data that contributes to uncertainty of the future sustainability of the fishery. The management systems in place for Dungeness crab fisheries in British Columbia, Washington and California have maintained stable landings for several decades and are thought to be effective. Improvements are needed in the management of Alaskan fisheries where some populations have collapsed and have yet to rebuild.

In California,  Washington and B.C. there is potential for the Dungeness crab fisheries to interact with endangered whale populations. Pot fisheries are generally very selective with little bycatch, however some Dungeness fisheries take place in areas critical for endangered humpback whales. There are records of whales becoming entangled in pot fishing gear in the Pacific, and while these interactions are rare, these endangered populations are not able to sustain anything but the minimal level of mortalities from fishing activities.

The Oregon Dungenss crab fishery is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, which SeaChoice recommends as equivalent to a “Some Concerns” recommendation.



  • Sushi Name(s)Kani
  • Common Name(s)Dungeness crab
  • Scientific Name(s)Cancer magister