Caviar (White Sturgeon)

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    Farmed in closed, recirculating systems

The white sturgeon is native to the Eastern Pacific from Alaska south to Monterey, California. They can grow to be 18 feet in length and may live up to 100 years. Females do not typically come to reproductive age until about 18 years. This slow‐growing, long‐lived life history has made the white sturgeon particularly vulnerable to overfishing. Declining populations with increasing demand for sturgeon meat and caviar drove the advancements in sturgeon aquaculture technology.

White sturgeon in Caimagenada is raised in land-based farms that are “closed” from the surrounding environment, and therefore limit the impact the operation can have on local ecosystems. As a result, white sturgeon farmed in closed systems in Canada receive a “Best Choice” ranking.  Risk of disease spreading, or escape of fish from the farm is minimized. Water and effluent can be treated, and with minimum use of chemicals and water that is recirculated, the outputs from the farm can be minimized.

By using feed ingredients that are not solely reliant on wild fish, there is also less impact to the environment.

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  • Sushi Name(s)n/a
  • Common Name(s)Caviar, White Osetra Caviar
  • Scientific Name(s)Acipenser transmontanus