Arctic Char

  • From:
    Canada, Iceland, U.S.
    Farmed, closed system

Arctic char, a close relative to salmon, is typically found in the polar regions of North America and Europe. Although there is commercial and recreational fishing for Arctic char, land-based and closed aquaculture production is the primary source of Arctic char in the market. These closed systems greatly reduce the risk of escapes, disease transfer, and habitat effects. With highly effective management and the treatment of effluent water used in these closed containment operations, farmed Arctic Char is ranked as a SeaChoice “Best Choice” for consumers.

An environmentally-friendly substitute for farmed salmon, Arctic char is known as iwana when prepared as sushi.

The report for “Sustainable Blue” Nova Scotian char can be found here.




  • Sushi Name(s)Iwana
  • Common Name(s)Arctic char, Alpine char
  • Scientific Name(s)Salvelinus alpinus