Albacore Tuna

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    North Pacific (British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, Japan), North Atlantic, South Pacific
    Wild, Troll/pole

Albacore tuna is caught primarily using longlines and to a lesser extent with handline, trolls and pole-and-line. Albacore tuna caught by longline fisheries, except in the United States, are rated “Avoid” due to a high level of bycatch of sharks, seabirds, sea turtles and other species of bycatch, and because management does not have adequate measures to mitigate bycatch impacts. The United States has tighter bycatch regulations in place. Albacore caught with longlines in the U.S. Atlantic and Hawaii fisheries is ranked “Some Concerns” and not a “Best Choice” because there are remaining concerns with bycatch of species of concern, although bycatch is greatly reduced compared to the global fishery. Albacore tuna caught with handline, troll or pole-and-line in the Pacific and North Atlantic are a “Best Choice” because the stocks are healthy and there is minimal bycatch in these fisheries. However, albacore caught with handline, troll or pole-and-line in the Indian Ocean or the South Atlantic is rated “Avoid” due to concerns with the status of the albacore stock, and ineffective management. 

A very small amount of albacore is caught incidentally in purse seines in the Atlantic. Fishing with purse seines using Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs), also called associated purse seine, results in bycatch of juvenile tuna, sharks, and other species that are attracted to the FADs. Unassociated purse seining, also called FAD-free or free school purse seine, results in lower levels of bycatch. Albacore caught with purse seines using FADs is rated “Avoid” due to bycatch concerns, while albacore caught with FAD-free purse seine is rated “Some Concerns” in the North Atlantic where stocks are healthy, and “Avoid” in the South Atlantic, where stocks may be overfished. The Marine Stewardship Council certifies some albacore tuna fisheries as sustainable.

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  • Sushi Name(s)Tombo,Shiro maguro
  • Common Name(s)Canned White Tuna, Longfin Tunny
  • Scientific Name(s)Thunnus alalunga