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    Farmed, off-bottom culture, dredged

Oysters are filter-feeding bivalves that inhabit most oceans in the world except near polar extremes. Oyster seed can be reared in hatcheries or collected from the wild, depending on technical sophistication, practicality, and tradition. Grow-out of oysters is accomplished in natural, inter-tidal or sub-tidal waters. Grow-out techniques involve suspension of oysters in the water column, via rafts or floats, or bottom culture, in which oysters are fixed to the seabed. Because oysters are filter feeders, oyster aquaculture facilities generally improve coastal water conditions by converting nutrients and organic matter to biomass.

With low use of marine resources or pollution, moderate risk of escapes or disease, and good management farmed oysters are a “Best Choice”



  • Sushi Name(s)Kaki
  • Common Name(s)Oyster
  • Scientific Name(s)Ostrea spp., Crassostrea spp., and Saccostera spp.