Grouper (Gag, Snowy, Warsaw, Yellowedge)

  • From:
    U.S. - South Atlantic and GOM/S. Atlantic
    Wild, black sea bass pot, vertical line (handline, hydraulic, or electric), bottom longline, and spear fishing

There are more than 85 species of grouper worldwide. They’re long-lived (up to 40 years) and reproduce for only short periods, making them especially vulnerable to overfishing. Many grouper species are overfished.

The U.S. grouper fishery is concentrated in the Gulf of Mexico, just west of Florida state waters. Accidental bycatch [Glossary] often includes juvenile groupers and other grouper species that are protected by law. However, in the Gulf of Mexico, red grouper and black grouper populations have increased. Also, strict management in this area is helping reduce catch of depleted gag grouper, helping those populations recover.

Red and black grouper from the U.S. Gulf of Mexico are of “Some Concerns.” Other grouper species from the Gulf of Mexico as well as grouper from the U.S. Atlantic are on the “Avoid” list.



  • Sushi Name(s)n/a
  • Common Name(s)Mero, Sea Bass
  • Scientific Name(s)Mycteroperca microlepis (Gag), Epinephelus niveatus (Snowy grouper), Epinephelus nigritus (Warsaw grouper), Epinephelus flavolimbatus (Yellowedge grouper)