Alternative Choices

Seafood Substitutions

Make the shift to ocean-friendly seafood with help from SeaChoice’s alternative recommendations. Try these “Best Choice” alternatives when a recipe calls for an unsustainable choice or instead of your favourite red or yellow-listed species.


Avoid this:

Try this Alternative:

Atlantic Salmon

Farmed Arctic Char or Wild Alaskan Salmon

Chilean Sea Bass

Alaskan Pacific Halibut

Atlantic Cod

Alaskan or BC Sablefish

Atlantic Halibut

Alaskan Pacific Halibut


Canadian or Hawaiian Swordfish (Harpoon Caught)

Rockfish or Pacific Snapper

Farmed Catfish (U.S.)

Bluefin Tuna

BC Albacore Tuna or US Yellowfin Tuna (Pole/Troll)

Farmed Shrimp (International except U.S.)

BC Spot Prawn (Trap Caught), NS shrimp (Trap Caught), Selva Shrimp

Mahi Mahi International

BC Sablefish