Seafood Feature of the Month

Spot prawnsB.C. Spot Prawn – May

Prawns are a favourite choice of Canadian consumers, but finding sustainable prawns year round can be a challenge for many. The good news is that on May 12, the B.C. Spot Prawn fishing season opens and many Canadians will find this “Best Choice” in more restaurants, grocery stores, and off of fishers’ boats along the west coast.

Unlike some prawn fisheries, the B.C. Spot Prawn fishery uses traps to harvest prawns, which has less habitat impact and bycatch than other fishing gears such as trawl. The B.C. Spot Prawn fishery is also well-managed with a short season and careful monitoring each year.

Enjoy Spot Prawns in a variety of ways, from a seafood boil with butter, to simply poached or grilled on your barbeque. For recipe inspiration be sure to try one of these mouth watering recipes from some of Canada’s top chefs. And if you live in the Vancouver area, don’t miss out on the May 17 Spot Prawn Festival!