Seafood Feature of the Month

Farmed Oysters - February “Best Choice” Feature of the Month

Valentine Oyster

Oysters are ranked green when farmed internationally. With low use of marine resources or pollution, moderate risk of escapes or disease, and good management farmed oysters are a “Best Choice” In fact as filter feeders, oysters can actually help improve the ocean habitat by purifying the water.

And February is when Valentine’s Day is celebrated so it seemed fitting to choose oysters as they have a little reputation of getting your mojo going. It’s easy to see that oysters are a sexy food with their wet and slippery texture, but is there something more to oysters than just a placebo effect? 

In 2005 American and Italian scientists revealed that oysters have two unique amino acids (D-aspartic and N-methyl-D-aspartate) that are linked to sparking higher levels of sex hormones. Oysters are also very high in zinc, which is especially important for a healthy prostate and sperm count.

According to the study, spring is an ideal time to enjoy oysters as this is when they too are reproducing and those key amino acids are at a high.