Seafood Feature of the Month

image4December – Selva Shrimp

The holiday season is officially here and with the festivities also comes a never-ending calendar of holiday parties. Sadly one of the more traditional appetizers served at this time of year is the notorious shrimp ring, which is almost always created with unsustainable red-listed “Avoid” shrimp.

Luckily solutions are out there and Selva shrimp is one black tiger prawn that is sustainably harvested. Unlike other farmed shrimp, Selva shrimp is raised naturally in mangrove forests. They don’t require supplemental feed or fertilization making this a “Best Choice” option for consumers.

So this holiday season, get creative and make your own shrimp ring with sustainable choices like Selva shrimp. They are also delicious in many other holiday appetizers and meals too!