Federated Co-operatives Limited

Federated Co-operatives Limited began our partnership with SeaChoice in 2010 to help fulfill our commitment to sourcing sustainable seafood products for our customers. We recognize our role in helping ensure a sustainable future for the seafood we supply to our retail locations and our work towards healthier oceans with SeaChoice is a part of our “We Care” initiative. We have developed a sourcing policy that is focused on the long term sustainability of our seafood supply which in turn supports the overall health of our oceans. With 245 independently operated retail locations, our goal is to offer ocean-friendly seafood products that are attractive to consumers and support healthier oceans. Since our partnership was formed we have achieved several milestones on our journey to offer ocean friendly seafood. We will continue to work with SeaChoice to identify more product options, provide educational material, and work with our suppliers to meet our objectives.  We are happy to support SeaChoice to help make smart seafood decisions for today and tomorrow.

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