We are an integrated global seafood specialist with one mission:“To Make It Easy for you to succeed with seafood.”

With almost 50 years of history buying and selling seafood, we are committed to preserving our livelihood while making a positive contribution to the world in which we live.  As the largest seafood distributor in Western Canada we recognize we have a role in promoting healthy oceans and an eco-friendly sustainable future. Albion started a relationship with SeaChoice in 2007 and entered into a formal partnership in 2009. We value the experience and expertise that SeaChoice and it’s member organizations bring to protecting the environment and promoting the consumption of sustainable seafood. As recognized leaders in their fields, we wanted to align ourselves with an organization that could help us to manage our own commitment to preserving our marine ecosystems and emerge as a proactive leader focused on marketing sustainable seafood products.

As part of our sustainable seafood policy, we have set ongoing annual goals on continued improvement with a focus to de-list a minimum of 6 non-sustainable seafood items annually, while at the same time, taking a more active role within industry on supporting, promoting and educating those fisheries and harvesters that are focused on making a positive difference and change towards offering sustainable seafood items.

We continue to make a concerted effort in sourcing sustainable options for our customer base while at the same time finding alternatives for many of the non–sustainable seafood items we offered in the past.  We are most proud of recognizing the need to offer sustainable options well before it was “cool to be green”.  Over the past 10 years we have de-listed non-sustainable seafood with sales in excess of $1.25 Million Dollars while continuing to maintain and grow our business by providing sustainable alternatives – many of which are exclusive to Albion Fisheries.

We are currently the largest supplier of sustainable seafood options in Canada with over 722 sustainable items available on a daily basis, including:

Greene Prairie Prawns

Icywaters Arctic Char,

Sweetspring Coho Salmon

Miracle Springs Rainbow Trout

Qualicum Scallops &

Saltspring Island Mussels