B.C. Spot Prawn

by seachoice on October 12th, 2011

BC Spot Prawn

There are more than 3000 species of shrimp worldwide. Many are tiny or inhabit niches unsuited for mass harvest. The approximately 40 species harvested on a commercial basis share two characteristics: they are relatively large, ranging from 2-10 cm carapace length; and they school, shoal, migrate toward baited traps, or otherwise aggregate so they are amenable to capture. Most shrimps are omnivorous, catching and scavenging whatever plant or animal material is readily available.

B.C Spot Prawns are in season for a short period in May and June. They are well managed and trap-caught, which helps to reduce bycatch and habitat damage.

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  4. September 01, 2012 at 10:31 pm, lenard demarce said:

    is dungeness crab sustanible at the rate that they are being cauhgt? they are being traped in every bay and stream mouth on the entire north coast of B.C. with no catch limit that i can find? if there is a limit to the tonnage that can be caught on the B.C. coast what is it and can we continue to catch them at this rate? wate is the efect to a bay or salt water lagoon or stream mouth when all the mature crab are removed! thats what i see hapening around prince rupert were crabing is the main fishery!!


    • September 26, 2012 at 11:50 am, lana said:

      The current ranking for SeaChoice and Seafood Watch is green – Best Choice for US and Canadian. The management is relatively strong and all of this is considered in our full seafood report which is available on our website.


    • May 12, 2013 at 10:51 am, mel said:

      Lot of crab are trapped in Rupert and what about the fact that lots of raw sewage is drained into harbour around there? The prawns from harbour have tell tale smell to them too. 2013 and a Canadian city is still dumping their raw city sewage/waste into our ocean . If the people from the place are fishers and have a long history of being… why do they not make sure that their city doesn’t dump huge amounts of untreated sewage ect… into the ocean? The litter around the town is also the worst. People seem too lazy to take litter or even household trash to dump and is dumped all around that town in the Hays creek to all along the road into/out of… the walks along frontage road or up to Diane lake and campground or the little lakes up to 10 km out of town like cloia bay,tweedle dum ect… took photos of some of the little at one spot and stopped after documenting over 100 pieces of litter in 50 ft diameter at one of the small lakes where people park or have fires (unofficial) Big pieces as well were there like old house appliances/bbq’s ect… they have to drive past dump road to get there so I’m confused as to why they choose to make the environment where they live like a pig pen and play in it uneffected by it all seems, instead of keep it clean.? I have no idea how to stop it and I lost my desire to repeatedly clean up after them… So ya, seems Prince Rupert is full of citizens who are not effected by dumping trash/toxins/sewage ect in ocean or on the land around where they live and don’t understand why they have such little reguard for other people wild animals and environment where they live/raise their children ect…. Clean up day once a year in town and then I guess they can feel ok ? Anyone have idea how to stop the rampant littering around this area, especially in the spots just out of town where it is so beautiful if there wasn’t all the litter and bigger dump items left for others to clean up or have to see as it needs a truck to take away. I noticed that there are hardly any “keep B.C. clean” or no littering and fines for littering signs around like other places. Maybe a citizen program that anyone can take photos if they see someone littering or dumping garbage and put the photos up on some web site for everyone to see. Maybe submit to environment minister for law enfocement getting some people fined or on town web site for people to be ongoing aware?


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