Lake Whitefish

by seachoice on October 12th, 2011

Whitefish Lake - Credit: New York State Department of Environmental ConservationLake Whitefish

Lake whitefish has supported a commercially important fishery in the Great Lakes for over a century. Lake whitefish is found in lakes throughout North America, and is now the dominant deepwater fish in the Great Lakes.

Most of the U.S. catch originates in Lake Michigan and the majority of the Canadian catch is from Lake Huron.

During the mid-1900s, a combination of overfishing, habitat degradation and invasive species virtually wiped out lake whitefish in many areas of the Great Lakes. Restoration projects have led to the recovery of lake whitefish and some populations are now at levels well above their historic lows.

Lake whitefish caught by trap nets in the Wisconsin waters of Lake Michigan are a “Best Choice” because there is little bycatch in the fishery.


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