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Classroom Fun Credit: Lana Gunnlaugson

Make a splash by bringing healthy oceans and sustainable seafood into your classroom with the SeaChoice Educator’s Guide. Developed by Natascia Tamburello, this toolkit is loaded with fun and ocean-friendly lessons that are sure to inspire any teacher’s lesson plans.

Parent can also use this guide to help educate their kids at home. Given the right tools and education, everyone has the opportunity to support healthy oceans and protect the treasures of the sea. By learning and teaching the issues affecting our oceans, we can better make informed decisions and become part of a larger community of ocean ambassadors who are making a difference with action. It’s never too early or too late to support healthy and abundant oceans for future generations.

Kid and eco-friendly seafood recipes

Looking to inspire your dinner or kid’s lunchbox? Let SeaChoice help with these easy kid-friendly recipes. Seafood can be a healthy part of your child’s diet without harming the ocean. Choose SeaChoice “best-choice” ingredients and be sure to refer to health advisories regarding mercury and other contaminants.

Kid Friendly Recipes

Tuna sandwich: A classic no kid can resist!

Crab Cakes: Mud cake, crab cake, what kid doesn’t love any cake?

Tuna Melt: What kid doesn’t love melted gooey cheese?!

In a rush? Simply add BC albacore to mac and cheese or your next casserole.

More Inspiration:

Is your lunchbox green?

Kid approved and ocean-friendly too!