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January Recipe Feature

2015 is officially here and Canadians from coast to coast to coast are making resolutions to be healthy. Diet is a big part of this and so January’s feature recipe page is for Albacore Tuna. Albacore is not only healthy for you and your family, it is a sustainable choice for the oceans too. Lean in unhealthy fats, loaded with healthy omega-3 fatty acids and safe levels of mercury for you and your family make this fish a great choice for your diet.

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Sustainable seafood recipe books:

1) A Good Catch features recipes from top chefs across Canada that are easy to try at home and will guarantee to satifsy any seafood lover’s appetite. Author Jill Lambert helps guide Canadians find ocean-friendly alternatives with great tips and information on the seafood typically found across Canada.

2) Atlantic Seafood will help bring east coast cooking into the comfort of your own kitchen. With over twenty years of experience, Chef Michael Howell helps guide Canadians in choosing ocean-friendly Atlantic shellfish and fish.

3) C Food delivers some of the finest recipes from C Restaurant’s Chef Robert Clark, who is known across Canada to be one of the leading ocean ambassadors.