Chef Robert Clark


Credit: Mike McDermid

Credit: Mike McDermid

Name: Robert Clark

Title: Owner, The Fish Counter

Bio: Throughout his award winning career Chef Robert Clark has been a champion of sustainable seafood.  In 2004, Chef Clark was instrumental in helping the Vancouver Aquarium create the Ocean Wise program and is recognized as a founding partner.  As one of Canada’s most heralded chefs, Clark freely donates his time to worthy causes that directly contribute to the conservation of our marine life and aquatic environments and acts as an Ocean Wise ambassador.

Why is sustainable seafood important?

A healthy ocean is crucial to our very existence, and a balanced marine ecosystem plays a huge part in maintaining that health. Purchasing only sustainable seafood helps maintain balance, and in essence is buying us a future.

Have you removed all red-listed seafood from your menu?

I have not had a SeaChoice red seafood item on my menu in over 10 years.

Favorite green seafood item and why?

I can not go on record as picking one favorite green seafood choice over another, I love them all, they are all important. The recipe below may give you a hint though.

Try Chef Robert Clark’s Simply Poached Wild BC Spot Prawn recipe!