From Saving Sharks to Saving Humans

by Lana Brandt on October 4th, 2012

Credit: Revolution: Save the Humans

By Lana Gunnlaugson, National SeaChoice Manager

In 2006, Rob Stewart shocked the world with his remarkable journey and plea for help to save sharks from being pushed to extinction in his documentary Sharkwater. Since then, Rob has continued his journey which can be followed in his latest movie, Revolution: Save the Humans, when it goes to theatres next spring. This week I am excited to be invited to a sneak preview at the premiere of Revolution at the Vancouver International Film Festival on Saturday!

The movie synopsis definitely has me intrigued. Rob has continued his travels through 15 countries over four years to discover that it is not only sharks that are under threat, but that humans too are at grave risk if we continue living as we are. Stewart aims to remind us of how interconnected we all are, and how sensitive the ecosystems are on which we are utterly dependent. By considering the threat to large predators such as sharks, we can quickly see the domino effect that we will face if sharks and other key species continue to be pushed towards extinction. And, unlike many doom and gloom documentaries, Revolution: Save the Humans looks at solutions and offers hope for a shared healthy future.

All sharks internationally are on the SeaChoice “Avoid” red list other than the spiny dogfish which are ranked as “Some Concerns” when from Canada’s Pacific. Shark-finning has become such a controversial issue globally because of the awareness raised by documentaries like Sharkwater and conservation groups such as Shark Truth. I look forward to seeing Rob Stewart’s latest effort to remind seafood lovers that their choices have a huge impact not only on the ocean but on life itself.

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