White Sturgeon

  • From:
    US- lower Columbia River
    Wild,drift gillnet

The white sturgeon population in the Lower Columbia River is considered healthy and is not at risk of being overfished. The average fishing effort is considered appropriate, although it has been above the management target in recent years and is therefore a moderate conservation concern. There are concerns over bycatch of endangered green sturgeon in the white sturgeon fisheries; however management requires that all green sturgeon be returned unharmed where possible. It should be noted that because green sturgeon cannot be taken in fisheries on the west coast of the U.S. they, or their caviar, should not be available in the marketplace.

The management of white sturgeon fisheries is moderately effective and authorities take scientific information into account when making management decisions. The gillnets used to catch sturgeon are not thought to have a serious impact on the river habitats that are encountered during fishing activities, although there is a moderate level of concern with taking this unique fish from the ecosystem as the wider impacts are not well understood.



  • Sushi Name(s)n/a
  • Common Name(s)Columbia, Sacramento, Oregon & Pacific Sturgeon
  • Scientific Name(s)Acipenser transmontanus