• From:
    U.S. - Gulf of Maine
    Wild, handline, trawl

Haddock in the Gulf of Maine is recovering, but continues to experience high levels of fishing. There are also concerns with other species of fish caught alongside haddock, including Atlantic cod and various flatfish species particularly in the trawl fishery, as they are also depleted. There are also concerns over the capture of marine mammals in the gillnet fisheries in this region. As a result, haddock from the Gulf of Maine receive an “Avoid” recommendation.

Consumers are advised to choose haddock from Georges Bank, Canada or Iceland as  “Some Concerns” fisheries, because they come from  healthy stocks that have recovered after being depleted by many years of overfishing.

Management of the fisheries in this region has improved over the last decade, and while recent changes should lead to greater recovery of the fish populations it is too early to tell how quickly this recovery will take place.



  • Sushi Name(s)n/a
  • Common Name(s)Haddock, Scrod
  • Scientific Name(s)Melanogrammus aeglefinus