• From:
    Farmed, open pens/cages

Cobia produced in closed recirculating systems ranks as a “Best Choice.” The feed used by U.S. producers contains 10 per cent fishmeal and 8 per cent fish oil. Feed conversion ratios for cobia growout are estimated to be 1.5–2.0. Production in closed recirculating systems in the U.S. takes place inland. Consequently, there is no risk of farmed fish escaping or transferring disease to wild populations, and there is no impact on the marine environment. Effluent discharged from recirculating systems is treated and must meet EPA guidelines. Management of closed recirculating systems in the U.S. is considered effective.

Cobia farmed in ocean net cages in Panama currently ranks as “Avoid.” Studies suggest that cobia production in both nearshore and open ocean conditions is likely to impact the marine environment.



  • Sushi Name(s)n/a
  • Common Name(s)ling, lemonfish, black salmon, black kingfish, sargeantfish, crab-eater
  • Scientific Name(s)Rachycentron canadum