Atlantic Sturgeon

  • From:
    Canada, St. Lawrence River
    Wild, Gillnet

Atlantic sturgeon caught in the Saint Lawrence River in Canada with gillnets is on the “Avoid” list because it’s unknown if fishing is hindering the recovery of this threatened population. This fishery doesn’t produce caviar, only smoked sturgeon for the Canadian market.

Wild caught Atlantic sturgeon can’t be sold on U.S. markets because this species is listed as Endangered under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

This “Avoid” recommendation doesn’t apply to the Atlantic sturgeon fishery in the Saint John River in the Canadian Maritimes.

Both the Saint Lawrence River and the Saint John River populations of Atlantic sturgeon are being considered for listing under Canada’s Species at Risk Act.



  • Common Name(s)Sturgeon
  • Scientific Name(s)Acipenser oxyrinchus