by seachoice on October 12th, 2011

Tilapia - Credit: Duane Raver, U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceTilapia is an important source of protein, especially in developing countries. Tilapia is a good candidate for farming, as it provides more protein than it takes to raise it. This is in contrast to some other fish raised in farms, such as salmon or tuna.

Native to North Africa, tilapia is a hardy, freshwater fish that tolerates a wide range of water conditions. This means it’s easy to farm, but it also means it easily invades many habitats and threatens native fish populations.

U.S. farmed tilapia is the “Best Choice,” with tilapia from Central and South America rated as “Some Concerns”. Tilapia farmed in China and Taiwan is ranked “avoid” with the exception of product produced by Elite Aquaculture in the Xiaojiang Reservoir in the Chinese Province of Guangxi which carries a ranking of “Some Concerns”.

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